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In MONTANA, we are located in South Central Montana in what they call the "Gold West Country" just Northeast of Helena Montana, the state capital.



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The City of Helena sits at an altitude of about 3800 ft. Our camp is located in the Big Belt Mountains at about 5,700 feet with the surrounding mountains rising to approximately 8,000 feet.

Summer temps range from 85-100 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and can drop to 30 degrees Fahrenheit at night. In the Fall the days can still get quite warm but the nights often cool down into the 20's or lower. Whenever Winter arrives, the temperatures can get downright cold (below zero) and not rise much during the days.


We can work out travel logistics to and from the airport, depending on your needs.

* Helena Regional Airport -our local airport served by Alaska Airlines and Delta Airlines
* Billings International Airport - (For you hunters, midway between premium elk hunting in the Big Belt Mountains and trophy deer hunting in eastern Montana.)

* Dickinson Theodore Roosevelt Airport in North Dakota is just over an hour east of our Eastern Montana deer and upland game bird hunting.  We often pick up and deliver hunters to this airport.



Depends on the activities and experiences you desire but here are some ideas:

Clothing Suggestions.  We usually dress in layers here in Montana so we are prepared for whatever the weather decides to do.

* Pants - dark colored because its easy to get dirty out here
* Socks - an extra pair or two in case your feet get wet
* Long-johns - sure help keep you warm if you think you might need them
* Shirts - from summer tops to warm sweatshirts, you will probably use them all
* Foot Wear -

* Warm coat and outer gear - Weather conditions and forecasts can change quickly in Montana, especially in the mountains. Rain gear can come in handy, but it must be durable to hold up out here and quiet if you are wanting to see wildlife.
* Hat/Gloves - Many folks learn to appreciate the benefits of a hat that provides shade in sun and keeps the weather off when the conditions turn foul. A warm, wind proof hat is important in the fall as the winter winds can come at any time.

Other Personal Items:

Towel, biodegradable soap & shampoo, toothbrush and paste, lotion, lip balm, flashlight w/ extra batteries, water bottle, and don't forget your camera.


* BIG GAME LICENSE - application deadline is March 15 each year
* Your BOW or RIFLE w/ a sling, we are going to be hiking
* Enough AMMO or ARROWS
* FALL/WINTER HUNTING GEAR - jacket/vest with pockets, warm coat, day pack, broke-in boots/packs, extra dry socks, cap or hat, gloves. Beware - Nylon and gortex can be noisy when hunting making it tough to slip through the woods quietly.
* CLOTHING - several layers are best for regulating your body temperature, and remember quiet is important on most hunting stalks.
* HUNTING GEAR -  Binoculars, water bottle, waterproof match box, hunting knife and sheath, camera, boot grease, flashlight, range finder, GPS, and any thing else you think you might need. 

THINGS I HAVE IN MY DAY PACK:  Rope (for dragging etc.) Two knives & a saw, knife sharpener, flashlight and light that clips on my hat (hands free), gutting gloves, flagging tape, fire starting material, extra gloves/hat, hand warmer packs, lip balm.



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